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性感大奶,粉色鲍师, 无限诱惑 让你永生难忘的体验
性感大奶,粉色鲍师, 无限诱惑 让你永生难忘的体验1

Come from where 来自哪里:

Name 姓名 : 小幸运 Xiao xin yun(5349号)

Age 年龄 : 23 Years Old

Height 身高 : 162cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36C

Room 包房

EAST (东部)

Kovan 高文

$100Massage/60mins + 2 HJ

8267 5223



Please quote seen from momo! 请说陌陌时代看见的!



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       Please reject if not same person. Pay only when you meet in person.


2023-03-14 20:36riben Says:
2023-03-14 16:49Pure Says:
Passionate session with this lovely girl, gives high gfe and will rtf. Looks similar to pictures as well, the moment I stepped in, she gave me a hug and lead me to the room, we french like lover and she just pull down my pants and blow me off the first round. After shower, we rested f awhile and we cuddle again like lover and I start to pump her hard her pussy. I give her a 9.5/10 f her efft. Good fuck
2023-02-24 22:49Youngster Says:
姐姐人亲切温柔漂亮,服务不赶时间。 口交很棒。爱爱很舒服,我最喜欢的是她的大奶
照片很像本人 9/10
奶 10/10
2023-02-24 13:09Derrick Says:
Take some time befe I book.
But wth the wait.
Big tits, nice figure, very amicable n friendly.
Very detailed in her service, very enjoy

2023-02-23 21:36Jessy Says:
First time here around 1pm tdy, had a wonderful experience with this lady here. Smooth skin, big boobs and its a lover. She lick my body like a cat, taste all my body. Damn hot and sex…pussy is tight too which is to my liking. Will return again if possible.

2023-02-23 21:14joshua Says:
口交一流 滑滑的鲍鱼 高潮的时候会
鲍鱼吸住鸡鸡 我回头好多次 每次都

2023-02-22 21:52Wow Says:
Looks : 9/10 Same as photo, pretty. Boobs : Natural C+ Nice Body : Sexy, fair, smooth Massage : 9/10 Sensual, Patient, No rush GFE : Excellent, like your girl friend. RTF : Yes

2023-02-22 18:58Sam Says:
2023-02-21 21:44Jason Says:
Looks: 6/10 (innocent and cute and nice lay)
Boobs: 8/10 (Soft natural boobs, and nice, not sure about size)
BBBJ: 9/10(Fast and furious, nice and deepthroat)
FJ: Very proactive here. Rode me furiously in cowgirl position and very wild throughout
GFE: 10/10. Excellent GFE. patient and accommodating

Please take good care of this gem. This is a gem not to be missed.

2023-02-20 23:04海王 Says:
今天早上约了小幸运,确认依依 101% 真人与她的照片和视频相同的外观。 尤其是她的技能技巧最高,她的 Bj 技能和 FL的服务是一流,我肯定会在接下来的几周和几个月内再次享受她的服务。

2023-02-20 12:57Crave Says:
Would say, I am quite impress by her tbh. She is just darn lovely haha!
2023-02-20 11:32很喜欢抱着她,身上和头发的香味让我很舒服 Says:

2023-02-18 19:00Pressure Says:
Sex bomb! I love it so much! She is the best of the best in the wlddddd

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